John McKim Illustrations John McKim tying flies "Fly Tying ... Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun"

"John McKim has illustrated the book with extremely clear step-by-step illustrations of tying techniques—and he's added illustrations for left-handed tiers...The explanation of feathers dry versus wet, structure, types, markings, etc.—is easily understood and complete."

—Fly fishing

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"Fly Tying ... Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun" (Mountain Press, April 1982), now out of print after its 8th printing, became a recognized standard within the fly tying fraternity. Specifically intended for the novice, for over 24 years the book was used or recommended by fly tying classes and instructors everywhere.

Tools, materials and all basic tying techniques are illustrated and described. Although not a book of patterns, 24 instructional patterns of increasing difficulty covering all types of flies — fresh and saltwater — are fully detailed in sequence drawings and shown in color plates. A comprehensive fly tying glossary explains all common fly tying terms. Unique to McKim's book, the two-handed whip finish and the half-hitch — both knots essential to the tying of flies — are illustrated for the convenience of left- as well as right-handed individuals.

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